Arild Andersen: Independency Part 3


Independency Part 3


Arild Andersen (bass, live electronics)


Live At Belleville (ECM 2078)

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Arild Andersen (bass, live electronics),

Tommy Smith (tenor sax), Paolo Vinaccia (drums)


Composed by Arild Andersen


Recorded: live in Oslo, Norway, September 2007


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

The third section of a suite celebrating a century of the bassist's native Norway's independence from its union with Sweden, "Independency Part 3" probes extemporaneous performance against an atmospheric backwash. Andersen's use of digital string loops is subtle and unobtrusive but adds much sonic heft to the song. Vinaccia does no timekeeping, but his percussive accents give the performance an insistent quality. Smith's tenor sax employs a big, wide tone not far removed from Michael Brecker with lines inspired by Andersen's old boss Jan Garbarek. His phrases are completely unforced, often stating a short phrase and stating it again in longer form. Andersen's well-modulated solo sings in the upper register almost wistfully, and when rejoined by Smith, becomes a musical conversation of profundity and beauty. Like a painting created on the fly by an experienced artist, "Independency Part 3" captures the immediacy often missing from a mostly scripted piece.

Reviewer: S. Victor Aaron

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