Rebecca Cline and Hilary Noble / Enclave: Crossroads






Enclave Diaspora (Enclave Jazz)

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Rebecca Cline (piano, keyboards), Hilary Noble (tenor sax, flute, percussion),

Fernando Huergo (electric bass), Steve Langone (drums)


Composed by Rebecca Cline & Hilary Noble


Recorded: March and June 2008


Rating: 86/100 (learn more)

Enclave Diaspora's liner notes inform us of the derivation of the words:

     ENCLAVE/DIASPORA, DIASPORA/ENCLAVE two opposing yet connected poles
     ENCLAVE implying the enclosed, the separate, the uncommon community
     DIASPORA speaking to the dispersion of that community, its casting out,
     its "seeding forth" (Greek "dia": through, "spora": seed)

OK whatever you say. I suppose a visit to Wikipedia will crystallize it all for me.

"Crossroads" is progressive jazz in the Afro-Cuban mode. Intricate rhythms are present from the riff-filled introduction. Hilary Noble's saxophone and Rebecca Cline's piano are involved in a give-and-take conversation. Cline takes the first aggressive Latin jazz solo. Noble follows with a more straight-ahead turn. At times he takes it out. The rhythms overtake the proceedings and lead us back to the catchy head.

I find the music easier to understand than the liner notes. But this is good music and is a pleasure to listen to. Who needs to read anyway? (I am kidding about that last part. Reading is very important.)

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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