Jean-Luc Ponty: Once Upon a Dream


Once Upon a Dream


Jean-Luc Ponty (violin)


Imaginary Voyage (Atlantic 19136)

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Jean-Luc Ponty (violin),

Allan Zavod (keyboards), Darryl Stuermer (guitar), Tom Fowler (bass), Mark Craney (drums)


Composed by Jean-Luc Ponty


Recorded: Burbank, CA, July-August 1976


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

Years ago when I was young, I would travel with some buddies into the big city Boston to see what it had to offer. We preferred to take public transportation so that we didn't have to worry about driving a car in any altered state. (And I am not talking about Rhode Island.)

I remember vividly one freezing winter night going to the Museum of Science to see the new-fangled laser-light show at the Charles Hayden Planetarium (not to be confused with the Hayden Planetarium on Central Park West in another fine city 200 miles to the southwest). We were grateful to find a warm place to hang out and because the planetarium seats allowed us to lie back a bit. I am sure we would laugh today at how primitive the laser show was. But for its day, and our state of consciousness at the time, it was a wonderful experience. I have forgotten the actual laser effects. But to this day I remember the thrill that, for the first time, the show was presented with a music soundtrack. And not just any soundtrack. This was a jazz-fusion soundtrack! Fusion was in the mainstream back then. You could not imagine the nirvana I found myself in. What I remember most is that the majority of the music came from Jean-Luc Ponty.

An excerpt from "Once Upon a Dream" was among the slices of sound I heard that night. This cut is not one of the more aggressive jazz rock numbers. It contains plenty of fast playing, but the velocity is centered within a calm galaxy. Perhaps it accompanied the laser-light trip to Saturn. I don't remember.
All I can say is that the music was cosmic in nature and transported me into the light. Every time I hear it now, it still does. Funny how some memories remain so alive.

I added 2 points to my rating for personal sentiment.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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