Mark Zaleski: Care Free


Care Free


Mark Zaleski (alto & soprano saxes)


The Mark Zaleski Band

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Mark Zaleski (alto & soprano saxes),

Jon Bean (tenor sax), Alex Brown (piano), Will Graefe (guitar), Will Slater (bass), Tyson Stubelek (drums)


Composed by Mark Zaleski


Recorded: Acton, MA, October 4, 2007


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Music writers are used to artist queries. "Hi, I'm John Q. Polytonal, and I was wondering if you'd be interested in reviewing my new CD ." Sure, I get them all the time. But it's weird when the artist's name seems so, uhm familiar. The truth of the matter is that me and Mark Zaleski are not related, though I must admit I had my fingers crossed as to the quality of his music. I mean, the opportunity to have fun with the name would have vaporized if the music leaned toward the Kenny G end of things. Let's face it, all of those "poodle hairdo" and golf jokes have gotten stale.

The happy news is that Mark Zaleski and his band have a lot interesting things to say. "Care Free" flies out of the gate with the rhythm section setting up a fast-moving vamp over which the saxes wind their theme. It reminds my ears of Coltrane, but with a more modern flair, especially when the floating chords of guitarist Will Graefe are mixed in. After pianist Alex Brown takes a wide-ranging solo, Zaleski lays down the burn with a solo that traffics in heat, passion and angularity. I was almost disappointed when the head reappeared, mostly because Zaleski seemed to be having so much fun. But, hey, there's always the repeat button!

Reviewer: Mark Saleski


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