Patrick Rydman: A Heartache on the Side


A Heartache on the Side


Patrick Rydman (vocals)


I Will Do It (Footprint FRCD 043)

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Patrick Rydman (vocals),

Markus Ahlberg (trombone), Fabian Kallerdahl (electric piano), Henrik Cederblom (guitar, vocals), Josef Kallerdahl (bass), Miko Rezler (drums)


Composed by Patrick Rydman


Recorded: Goteborg, Sweden; released November 2008


Rating: 88/100 (learn more)

Oh no a jazz vocalist an electric piano. Please, I've heard it before. We all have. Now, that might sound like the lament of a jaded writer, and surely that sentiment has (perhaps unfairly) colored many a negative review. "A Heartache on the Side" provides convincing evidence, however, that a closed mind tends to flush away great opportunities. Had I followed the usual groupthink, I would have missed out on this jauntily slinky track. With guitarist Henrik Cederblom providing thick and bluesy accompaniment, the song takes on an almost Tom-Waits-by-way-of-Southside-Johnny quality. Factor in the swingin' and randy lines of trombonist Markus Ahlberg, and you've got yourself a genuine good time.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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