Saltman/Knowles: A Study in Purple


A Study in Purple




Return of the Composer (Pacific Coast Jazz PJ 74100)


Mark Saltman (bass), William Knowles (piano), Lori Williams Chisholm (vocals),

Alvin Trask (trumpet), Robert Landham (saxes), Jimmy “Junebug” Jackson (drums)


Composed by William Knowles


Recorded: Springfield, VA, 2008


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

On this Latin-inspired tune composed by bassist Mark Saltman, the infectious beat is perfectly comped by the brilliant vocalese interpretations of Lori Williams Chisholm. Her lilting vocals glide through the melody's slithering curves with the ease of a Ferrari negotiating the hairpin turns of the Autostrada. Trask's trumpet, Landham's sax and Saltman's bass all add to the infectious tap-your-feet feel. "Junebug" Jackson spreads the catchy beat throughout, and Knowles plays effective Latin-infused piano backing. But what makes this so much fun is Chisholm's fine vocal contribution, especially when she interacts with the musings of Trask and Landham at the coda in an explosion of expression.

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello

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