Enrico Rava & Stefano Bollani: The Third Man


The Third Man


Enrico Rava (trumpet) and Stefano Bollani (piano)


The Third Man (ECM 2020)

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Enrico Rava (trumpet), Stefano Bollani (piano).

Composed by Enrico Rava & Stefano Bollani


Recorded: Lugano, Switzerland, November 2006


Rating: 86/100 (learn more)

Since veteran trumpeter Enrico Rava discovered young pianist Stefano Bollani, they have toured and recorded as a duo in a way Rava had never done before with anyone else. Indeed, the empathy that has developed between them is such that they can go together anywhere – from typically joyous Mediterranean moods to more meditative ones – and be convincing in all situations. On this composition dedicated to their producer, Manfred Eicher, known for his love of Nordic atmospheres, Rava and Bollani favor long notes, textures, silences, space, and use the whole range of their instruments. But their taste for fleshy sound helps them avoid Nordic abstraction as well as Italian clichés.

Reviewer: Thierry Quénum

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