Matthew Shipp: Galaxy 105


Galaxy 105


Matthew Shipp (piano, synthesizer)


Harmony & Abyss (Thirsty Ear 57151)

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Matthew Shipp (piano, synthesizer), William Parker (bass), Gerald Cleaver (drums),

FLAM (synthesizers, programming)


Composed by Matthew Shipp


Recorded: Brooklyn, February 20-21, 2004


Rating: 99/100 (learn more)

Now it all comes to a head, everything Shipp has been exploring since his first record: analytical approach, intricate composition, muscular performance, forward-looking ideas. Harmony & Abyss is almost a survey of his career, and yet within it are some surprising moments. Take “Galaxy 105,” a wonderful trio workout. No electronics, no FLAM, no slick production. Just three rhythm-makers working over a basic melodic idea. A few chords and a heck of a lot of ideas. Helps that these guys know one another like brothers at this point. They get into a groove and can’t get out. Lucky for the listener.

Reviewer: Steve Greenlee

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