Max Roach: Blues Waltz


Blues Waltz


Max Roach (drums)


Jazz in 3/4 Time (Emarcy MG 36108)

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Max Roach (drums), Kenny Dorham (trumpet), Sonny Rollins (tenor sax), Billy Wallace (piano), George Morrow (bass).

Recorded: Los Angeles, March 18, 1957


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

This edition of Roach's quintet doesn't get the same attention that his earlier band with Clifford Brown has received. Yet this unit stands out as one of the best hard bop bands of the decade. On "Blues Waltz," Sonny Rollins demonstrates his growing maturity, Dorham plays at top form, and Roach picks up so much steam on his drum solo that you will forget that the 3/4 rhythm ever flourished in elegant Viennese ballrooms. The hidden gem here is pianist Billy Wallace, a great two-handed player who all but disappeared in later years. Shall we waltz?

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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