Return to Forever featuring Chick Corea: Excerpt from the First Movement of Heavy Metal


Excerpt from the First Movement of Heavy Metal


Return to Forever featuring Chick Corea


No Mystery (Polydor 827-149-2)

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Chick Corea (keyboards), Al Di Meola (guitars), Stanley Clarke (bass, organ), Lenny White (drums).

Composed by Chick Corea, Lenny White, Stanley Clarke & Al Di Meola


Recorded: New York, January 1975


Rating: 99/100 (learn more)

On "Excerpt from the First Movement of Heavy Metal" Corea's keyboard introduction is one of high drama worthy of any classic horror or mystery film soundtrack. It is a powerful opening statement of a tune that will last less than 3 minutes. But, in that short time, the piece manages to pack a wallop. As Corea posits the theme, a young Di Meola enters over Corea with a wicked scorching electric guitar. Drummer White kicks in with some straight-ahead power drumming as Clarke lays out a big fat fuzzy bass line. After a brief Corea synthesizer turn, the tune erupts upward culminating in Corea revisiting the theme he established early on.

I think that's mission to review each jazz tune, rather than each album, is a unique and valuable addition to the world of jazz knowledge. But things don't happen in a vacuum. I believe that about songs, too. A finely crafted album is not just a hodgepodge of tunes. It is a collection of performances that should be placed in a carefully considered order that gives the listener the best impression of the total work. In that way, producing good albums is not so different from the placement of great artworks for an important exhibit. Certain art is located next to other art so that patrons can enjoy the overall exhibition in its finest light. My point is simple. "Excerpt from the First Movement of Heavy Metal" is best appreciated if you also listen to the tune before it and the tune after it in their intended order.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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