Vince Guaraldi: Fenwyck's Farfel


Fenwyck's Farfel


Vince Guaraldi Trio


Vince Guaraldi Trio (Fantasy OJCCD-149-2)

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Vince Guaraldi (piano), Eddie Duran (guitar),

Dean Reilly (bass)


Composed by Vince Guaraldi


Recorded: San Francisco, CA, April 1956


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Even before he sprouted the mustache that made him a star (well, his 1963 hit "Cast Your Fate to the Wind" may also have had something to do with it), Vince Guaraldi could cook. In this case, rustling up a tasty tureen of every mother's favorite cure-all, noodle soup. "Fenwyck's Farfel" didn't make Vince any dough, but it showed how well he could use his noodle. Letting the broth simmer at an easygoing pace over the low flame of a minor blues, Guaraldi and guitarist Eddie Duran stir in just enough funky flavor to please even the most particular palate. If this warmly nourishing track doesn't get you up and off to work or school, something must be seriously wrong. In that event, Mama had better admit defeat and call the doctor—or the undertaker.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz

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