Richard Galliano: You Must Believe in Spring


You Must Believe in Spring


Richard Galliano (accordion)


French Touch (Dreyfus Jazz 36596-2)

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Richard Galliano (accordion),

Rémi Vignolo (bass), André Ceccarelli (drums)


Composed by Michel Legrand


Recorded: Paris, June 8, 1998


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

French Touch, indeed: Richard Galliano, the most internationally renowned French jazz accordionist, playing a tune by the most internationally renowned French songwriter, on an instrument often associated with traditional French popular and dance music, and with French sidemen at that. But we're not in a "back to the roots" trip. Except for a couple of bars where the accordion plays overdubbed lines, this is basically a trio performance, which is rather unusual for accordionists. After the theme is stated in horn-like single lines, the accordion launches into wild chorusing with thickly grooving rhythm support. Galliano clearly means to assert his instrument's suitability as a vehicle for jazz and improvisation, an assertion made all the more remarkable in the context of a pleasant popular waltz that could easily be handled more conventionally. If you're not convinced after this, you may never be.

Reviewer: Thierry Quénum

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