Maria João and Mário Laginha: Há Gente Aqui


Há Gente Aqui


Maria João (vocals) and Mário Laginha (piano)


Cor (Verve 557 456-2)

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Maria João (vocals), Mário Laginha (piano),

Wofgang Muthspiel (acoustic guitar), Trilok Gurtu (drums, percussion)


Composed by Mário Laginha


Recorded: Neutraubling, Germany, February 1998


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

A very exotic number masterfully mixing jazz, folk and classical elements. Laginha's virtuoso phrasing on the piano has classical roots, as do Muthspiel's acoustic guitar arpeggios, and both players obviously speak fluent jazz. Gurtu's cymbal polyrhythms derive from his Indian background and from American drummers, but his tabla adds a clearly oriental color. As for João's voice, it is simply out of this world. Upbeat staccato scat singing, timbre and inflections that conjure up an animal cry, a baby's moan, an old man's grunt – she is everything and anything she wants to be, and we can't help falling under her spell.

Reviewer: Thierry Quénum

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