Vince Seneri: Prince's Groove


Prince's Groove


Vince Seneri (organ)


The Prince's Groove (Prince V Records PVR007)

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Vince Seneri (organ),

Randy Brecker (trumpet), Paul Bollenback (guitar), Buddy Williams (drums), Gary Fritz (percussion)


Composed by Vince Seneri


Recorded: Englewood, NJ, May 28-30, 2007


Rating: 87/100 (learn more)

If you are a nostalgic sucker for the grooving funky sound that only a well-played Hammond B-3 with Leslie Speakers can deliver, then you will find this self-produced offering from relatively obscure organ grinder Vince Seneri and some better known friends to be just what the doctor ordered. Seneri, aka The Prince, hails from the Garden State and has seemingly been able to keep alive the tradition of the B-3 in all its funky glory. On "Prince's Groove," Seneri is joined to great effect by Randy Brecker's soulful trumpeting, sweet guitar lines from Joey DeFrancesco's sideman Paul Bollenback, and a steady beat by Buddy Williams and Gary Fritz. Throughout this slow cooker, I am reminded of the nights when you could step into almost any dark, smoke-filled Jersey club and hear the bright, clear sounds of a B-3 played by such artisans as Jimmy Smith, Charles Earland or Jimmy McGriff, not to mention dozens of less celebrated practitioners. Seneri's mastery of this band-in-a-box is substantial, and despite his manicured appearance, this boy can get down and dirty with his instrument. While not ground-breaking, this music is thoroughly enjoyable and well worth a listen.

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello

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  • 1 Vince Seneri // Oct 24, 2008 at 07:09 PM
    Thank You for The Great Review...Vince Seneri Here is a current updat on my CD The Prince's Groove: Appreciate any support you can give this. Thank You 51th Annual Grammy Awards The Prince's Groove - Vince Seneri 1st Round Announcement Vince Seneri's latest release The Prince Groove has been rated as the best Hammond B3 jazz record of the year by the jazz and music industry. Officially Seneri has made the first round of the Grammy nominations. The categories are in the jazz as well as serveral other fields. For updates and additional information on Vince Seneri quest to the 51th Annual Grammy Awards please visit this site often. Thank You Management