Peter Erskine: Meanwhile




Peter Erskine (drums)


E_L_B (ACT 9289-2)

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Peter Erskine (drums),

Nguyên Lê (guitar), Michel Benita (bass)


Composed by Peter Erskine


Recorded: Oslo, Norway, October 30-31, 2000


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Who would have thought that Peter Erskine – the former Stan Kenton alumnus and Weather Report ace, one of the greats on the instrument in the USA, drummer on innumerable studio sessions – would once have a trio on equal terms with two European musicians (actually he also has another one with British pianist John Taylor and Swedish bassist Palle Danielsson!), one of them of Vietnamese origin, and the other one born in Algeria? Well, Erskine's ears and mind are obviously wide open. In this trio context, the musicality of his toms and cymbals is marvelous because the slow, intimate feel of the song he penned requires it. Lê's guitar spreads patches of colors and plays long melodic lines, the sound of Benita's bass has a deep wooden quality, and Erskine's sticks and mallets sound as if they were singing over them.

Reviewer: Thierry Quénum

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