Géraldine Laurent: I Fall in Love Too Easily


I Fall in Love Too Easily



Time Out Trio (Dreyfus Jazz FDM 46050 369142)

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Géraldine Laurent (alto sax),

Yoni Zelnik (bass), Laurent Bataille (drums)


Composed by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne


Recorded: Paris, December 19-20, 2006


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

It's pretty bold for a young French lady alto sax player (not the most common type of musician) to record her first CD in trio, with no harmonic instrument. But Géraldine Laurent doesn't really do anything like everybody: she came late to Paris where she played mostly small clubs, and rarely as a sideman, and all of a sudden she's the talk of the town and records for a big label. With good reason, too: she has a sound of her own – raw with a slight Jackie McLean edge to it; her phrasing is unpredictable and inventive, both when she plays the melody of a standard and when she improvises; and her repertoire includes Ornette, Mingus, and Shorter. So she can afford to start with a trio record, all the more since her partners are good musicians and have played with her long. Who said talent needed guest stars to be recognized?

Reviewer: Thierry Quénum

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