Dizzy Gillespie: Tenor Song


Tenor Song


Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet)


New Faces (GRP 1012)

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Dizzy Gillespie (trumpet), Branford Marsalis (tenor sax), Kenny Kirkland (piano),

Lonnie Plaxico (bass), Robert Ameen (drums)


Composed by Dizzy Gillespie


Recorded: New York, 1984


Rating: 83/100 (learn more)

This project joined Gillespie with some much younger musicians. Though not his best, the album is a success, even though at times Dizzy's facility noticeably falters. "Tenor Song," which he composed for this session, features a samba-like feel and solos by Kirkland, Gillespie, and Marsalis. For its groove and execution, Marsalis's improvisation is the finest of the three, although it's unfortunately cut short by an ensemble counterline that reintroduces the melody. The performance's best aspect is the composition (the melody and its arrangement), which outshines a somewhat clumsily articulated Brazilian feel that tends to get in the way of the soloists.

Reviewer: Mark Lomanno

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