Willem Breuker Kollektief: Wake Up


Wake Up


Willem Breuker and his Kollektief


└ Paris / Summer Music


Willem Breuker (reeds),

and his Kollektief


Composed by Willem Breuker


Recorded: Paris, February 4, 1978


Rating: 88/100 (learn more)

After a loud chord ľ that could actually wake you up ľ played by the orchestra, the WBK shows its love of contrast: a slow melody with dark undertones is played by the piano alone, then becomes a lullaby of sorts in the hands of the full band. It swells as it's repeated by a trumpet, then a trombone before the full band returns. And that's it: with a minimal melodic material, the Dutch herd has worked out one more little jewel, thanks to each of its members' highly personal sound, and its leader's gift for writing tunes that blend them with a unique magical twist.

Reviewer: Thierry Qu├ęnum

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