Kenny Barron & Regina Carter: Fragile




Kenny Barron (piano) and Regina Carter (violin)


Freefall (Verve 314-549-706-2)

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Kenny Barron (piano), Regina Carter (violin).

Composed by Sting


Recorded: Brooklyn, NY, December 19-20, 2000


Rating: 96/100 (learn more)

One of Sting's most notable compositions is the anti-war song "Fragile" ("nothing comes from violence and nothing ever could"), from his second album. A superior interpretation is found on Barron's and Carter's exceptional duet CD. Carter plays the melody in a sensuous, insinuating manner, with Barron's sparse but complementary accompaniment. After a reprise, Carter sustains a tremolo as Barron takes control, only to soon begin brilliant exchanges with Carter that grow in intensity. With the violinist's exquisite tone (which she varies in multiple ways) and her unrelenting wealth of ideas, she nearly outshines the pianist, which is no easy feat. During this session, Barron must surely have been reminded of the rewarding musical rapport he once shared with Stan Getz hopefully he and Carter will do an encore recording someday.

Reviewer: Scott Albin

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