Charlie Parker: I Get a Kick Out of You


I Get a Kick Out of You


Charlie Parker (alto sax)


Charlie Parker Plays Cole Porter (Verve 8007)

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Charlie Parker (alto sax), Walter Bishop (piano), Teddy Kotick (bass), Roy Haynes (drums),

Jerome Darr (guitar)


Composed by Cole Porter


Recorded: New York, March 31, 1954


Rating: 97/100 (learn more)

Charlie Parker Plays Cole Porter was Birdís last studio dateóand his only concept album. There was one composer (Porter) and one theme packaged in an LP rather than a series of singles. But the project was only partially realized. Parker recorded four Porter tracks in March and another two in December, leaving four more to be done. But Parker was never fully committed to the sessionsóeither because of drug distractions, declining health or pure disinterest. Before Parker could complete the LP, he died on March 12, 1955. Whatís interesting about the master take of "I Get a Kick Out of You" is Birdís love affair with the Porter melody, Roy Haynesís spot-on drumming, and the quirky Jerome Darr guitar solo that remains oddly appealing, despite its limitations.

Reviewer: Marc Myers

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