Mitchel Forman: The Police (Now You See It, Know You Don't)


The Police (Now You See It, Know You Don't)


Mitchel Forman (keyboards)


Only a Memory (Soul Note SN 1070 CD)

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Mitchel Forman (keyboards).

Composed by Mitchel Forman


Recorded: Milano, Italy, August 1982


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

A somber low-timbre organ indicates something bad has happened. What to do? Time is running out. The piano gets busy thinking up a plan. Should we call the police? Maybe we don't. What will they think? Of course we call them. What will they think if we don't? Good, it is decided then. We call them. Well, not so fast. We can get rid of the evidence, you know. If they don't see, they don't know. Know what I mean?

The measurement of any musician should be how well he or she tells a story. Pianist Forman is among the best. "The Police" is only one of several arresting tunes from Only a Memory. Twenty-five years since its release, the album is still in my lineup. Note: "The Police" is supposed to be a tribute to the rock group of the same name. But I am sticking to my story.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky


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