Bob Mintzer: Mine Is Yours


Mine Is Yours


Bob Mintzer (tenor sax)


Spectrum (DMP CD 461)

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Bob Mintzer (tenor sax), Randy Brecker (trumpet),

Don Grolnick (piano), Lincoln Goines (bass), John Riley (drums)


Composed by Bob Mintzer


Recorded: New York, January 4-5, 1988


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

This song shows marvelously Bob Mintzer's talent as a composer, arranger and soloist. Arranger, because this musician whose big band scores are used in all music schools around the world also arranges in this quintet context and does so with artful mastery. The sound of the bass and drums, the piano voicings, the tenor/trumpet riffs and the short melody are assembled to build a dramatic setting from which the tenor solo will soar. And this solo is also magnificently constructed, in a way that shows that Mintzer is a close cousin of Michael Brecker. Some will say that this all lacks spontaneity. But jazz can also be beautiful in its forms, as long as there is soul in them. And here, the feeling of joy and exhilaration is more than present.

Reviewer: Thierry Quénum


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