Gary Burton & Keith Jarrett: Como en Vietnam


Como en Vietnam


Gary Burton (vibes) and Keith Jarrett (piano, soprano sax)


Gary Burton & Keith Jarrett / Throb (Atlantic 8122 715964 2)

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Gary Burton (vibes), Keith Jarrett (piano, soprano sax), Steve Swallow (electric bass),

Sam Brown (guitar), Bill Goodwin (drums)


Composed by Steve Swallow


Recorded: New York, July 23, 1970


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

The date tells it: this mythic record was taped in a single studio session! Those were the days, for sure, where music mattered more than technology the (also) mythic '70s! This track is a good example of what was then possible in jazz. A pianist who plays mostly soprano sax, rock-influenced drums and electric guitar, an electric bass played in a unique way by a former upright bass player, a vibist who had recently shown interest in folk music all of these more or less Miles Davis-influenced musicians playing a beautifully melodic theme that nobody would confuse with the budding fusion of the time. If that's not creativity and originality!

Reviewer: Thierry Quénum


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