Keb Mo: Come On in My Kitchen


Come On in My Kitchen


Keb Mo (guitar, vocals, harmonica, banjo)


Keb' Mo' (OKeh / Epic 57863)

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Keb Mo (guitar, vocals, harmonica, banjo),

Tommy Eyre (keyboards), James ‘Hutch” Hutchinson (bass), Laval Belle (drums), Tony Draunagel (percussion)


Composed by Robert Johnson


Recorded: Burbank, CA, no date given (CD released in 1994)


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

It's easy to be skeptical of Keb Mo. So much about his image seems built by a publicity department. Los Angeles native Kevin Moore starts by playing a blues musician in a West Coast drama production, and before you know it he is Keb Mo, the authentic representative of the Delta blues tradition, with a very nice record deal. But, dangit all, Keb Mo comes out with some very good records, so I can't complain. He has a nice way of mixing pop, rock and folk elements into his blues, and gets a great sound out of his guitar. And his voice is top notch. All these elements come together in this slick updating of a Robert Johnson blues classic. You lookin' for Mo Better Keb? This track is a good starting place.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia

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