Lindsey Boullt: Call for Peace


Call for Peace


Lindsey Boullt (guitar)


Composition (Lindsey Boullt)

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Lindsey Boullt (guitar),

Sukhawat Ali Khan (vocals), Derek Sherinian (keyboards), Jon Herrara (bass), Atma Anur (drums)


Composed by Lindsey Boullt


Recorded: Sausalito, CA, November 2006


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

Lindsey Boullt seems to have no limitations on guitar. Composition is full of myriad styles and sounds. Boullt may play lush acoustic arpeggios on one tune or machinegun salvos on the next. It all depends on what the music calls for. Though the album is diverse in content, it certainly has a world music feel.

"Call for Peace" is one wild ride. The title suggests you may hear a somber but hopeful ballad. And so you do for about 15 seconds of Ali Khan's emotive vocals over a sparse acoustic guitar. But then, quite jarringly, you are joyfully subjected to a rollicking Indian and Arab hybrid that could very well serve as the soundtrack for the opening escape scene from the next Indiana Jones flick. It is a welcome slap in the face. There is no subtlety about this message. "Call for Peace is a whirling dervish of a tune. (Interestingly, another tune on the album is called "Chasing the Whirling Dervish.")

Boullt and the ubiquitous Sherinian share unison lines and trade-off at ridiculously high speeds. Ali Khan's syllabic singing serves as an extra instrument. A strong bassist and drummer are needed for this workout. Herrara and Anur are up to the task. In listening, I could not help but think of Al Di Meola's "Egyptian Danza," which I recently reviewed. "Call for Peace" is what that tune could have been.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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