Mark Murphy: Empty Faces


Empty Faces


Mark Murphy (vocals)


Mark Murphy Sings (Muse MCD 5078)

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Mark Murphy (vocals), Randy Brecker (trumpet), David Sanborn (alto sax), Michael Brecker (tenor sax), Harvie S (bass),

Don Grolnick (keyboards), Joe Puma (guitar), Jimmy Madison (drums), Sue Evans (percussion)


Composed by Milton Nasciemento & Lani Hall. Arranged by Dave Mathews


Recorded: New York, June 17-19, 1975


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

An inspired Mark Murphy uses his amazingly expressive voice to navigate the many twists and turns of this unusual, undulating Milton Nasciemento song. Dave Mathews's arrangement is propelled through its various phases by Don Grolnick's organ, Harvie Swartz's driving bassline, an animated Jimmy Madison on drums and Sue Evans's timely percussion. Murphy sings in tandem with an energetic Randy Brecker through the middle of this crescendo-building, Brazilian-inspired samba to its final fadeout. Murphy once again shows his penchant for choosing challenging material and approaching it in his own unique and engaging way.

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello

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