Roy Haynes: Our Delight


Our Delight


Roy Haynes (drums)


We Three (Prestige 8210)

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Roy Haynes (drums), Phineas Newborn, Jr. (piano), Paul Chambers (bass).

Composed by Tadd Dameron


Recorded: New York, November 1958


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

Phineas Newborn is certainly one of Bud Powell's greatest heirs. On this first Roy Haynes trio album, there's no doubt Newborn was chosen for this reason by the drummer, aside from his blues and ballad artistry. On the swift tempo chosen to tackle this Tadd Dameron classic, Newborn displays his talent for touch and accentuation, and Haynes shows how he can vary his playing across his entire drum set. Between these two igniters of virtuosic fireworks, Chambers remains a steady anchor, both from a rhythmic and harmonic standpoint. Is it still possible to play bebop in such a candid way, or do we have to listen to magic tracks like this one over and over again?

Reviewer: Thierry Quénum

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