Ryan Blotnick: You Can Talk During This


You Can Talk During This


Ryan Blotnick (guitar)


Music Needs You (Songlines SGL 1570-2)

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Ryan Blotnick (guitar),

Peter Robbins (alto sax), Albert Sanz (piano), Perry Wortman (bass), Joe Smith (drums)


Composed by Ryan Blotnick


Recorded: Barcelona, Spain, April 7, 2007


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

There's obviously a high dose of irony in the title of this piece. Because if you talk during it, you'll miss a lot. Of course, at first hearing its relaxed aspect might induce you to chat with your neighbor. But your ears will soon be caught by the very special interaction between Blotnick and Catalan pianist Albert Sanz. The way they accompany each other's solo is as interesting as the solos themselves. These are two strong personalities, and their paths somehow had to cross, since Blotnick studied long in Europe while Sanz came to the USA for the same reason. In this context, Blotnick's music has acquired right from this, his first CD an originality that promises most interesting developments.

Reviewer: Thierry Quénum

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