Tim Miller: Electric




Tim Miller (guitar)


Tim Miller Trio 2 (Avenir Records)

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Tim Miller (guitar),

Joshua Davis (bass), Take Toriyama (drums)


Composed by Tim Miller


Recorded: Chelmsford, MA, 2007


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

Description of all music is subjective. I don't know any way to describe a listening experience other than to compare it to something else I have heard, seen, tasted or felt. A frame of reference is absolutely required to write commentary of any sort. To me, the best music hits you in about two seconds. It puts an immediate thought in your head. Such is what happened the first time I heard Tim Miller, which was about 12 hours ago as I write this. On this cut at least, Miller displays the harmonic and melodic sense of Pat Metheny and the chops of a 21st-century Django Reinhardt. This thinking was bolstered by the album's third cut, "Elements," which is much more "modern Gypsy" than "Electric."

"Electric" has a very pleasing melody. It's a bit of a funny title, really, as the guitar sound straddles acoustic and electric. A simple but dynamic bass chord progression serves as the underpinning. This eventually gives way to a jam band vibe. Though Miller is a wonderful player and is the melodic center, this is very much a trio. All three players are high in the sound mix. Much pleasure would be derived from just listening to one musician each time through. Davis's bass is deep in several pockets. Take Toriyama is all over the kit adding textures with cymbals and various tools. After some impressive expositions, the Metheny-esque arrangement returns to its root melody.

Subjectively speaking, this is really good music. I am looking forward to hearing more of it.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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