Vince Seneri: Overdrive




Vince Seneri (organ)


The Prince's Groove (Prince V Records PVR-007)

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Vince Seneri (organ), Randy Brecker (trumpet), Paul Bollenback (guitar),

Dave Valentin (flute), Houston Person (tenor sax), Buddy Williams (drums), Gary Fritz (percussion)


Composed by Vince Seneri


Recorded: 2007


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

There are some days where abstractions just get in the way. The ears demand something direct and organic, something that swings like a life depended on it something, in short, to make the morning grouchies wish they'd stayed in bed. While it's possible to "make ugly" with the Hammond B-3, Vince Seneri makes the right choice: to swing. With guitarist Paul Bollenback and the great Randy Brecker on trumpet, it would seem that a serving of "Overdrive" is in order if you have the desire to strip away the indirections that the world is so full of. By the time Seneri takes his blistering solo, you'll have forgotten why you were in a bad mood this morning.

Reviewer: Mark Saleski

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