Felipe Salles: Crayon




Felipe Salles (tenor sax, flutes, clarinet, bass clarinet)


South American Suite (Curare Records CRCD 3864)

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Felipe Salles (tenor sax, flutes, clarinet, bass clarinet),

Joel Yennior (trombone), Jacam Manricks (flute, alto sax), Nando Michelin (piano), Laura Arpainen (violin), Fernando Huergo (bass), Bertram Lehmann (drums)


Composed by Felipe Salles


Recorded: Brooklyn, NY, August 10-11, 2006


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

In this ambitious musical suite, saxophonist/composer Felipe Salles successfully traverses the complexities of creating musical landscapes reminiscent of his native Brazil as well as tinges of the Argentinean tango à la Astor Piazzolla. In this, his music is textural and his arrangements make full use of the various tones and timbres of the instruments he has carefully chosen to include. On “Crayon,” dedicated to his father, the tone is set with Laura Arpainen's poignantly evocative violin solo, leading to the deep-throated Salles on a soulful tenor melody reminiscent of the soundtrack for a Raymond Chandler movie. Salles paints his pastel with the aural strokes of flutes, bass clarinets, violins, piano, bass and drums, all backing his probing tenor work, which is at once exquisitely clean yet emotionally raw. His use of the ensemble's total sonic spectrum is noteworthy. Salles is an orchestral and compositional force who, like Gil Evans or perhaps even more so Oliver Nelson before him, is to be watched closely for important things to come.

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello

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