David Finck: Four Flags


Four Flags


David Finck (bass)


Future Day (Soundbrush Records SR-1012)

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David Finck (bass),

Joe Locke (vibes), Tom Ranier (piano), Joe La Barbera (drums) with special guests Jeremy Pelt (trumpet), Bob Sheppard (tenor sax)


Composed by Bevon Manson


Recorded: New York, 2007


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

In the span of 2 minutes, David Finck & Co. show how effortless it can be for fine musicians to make a concise statement of musical beauty and do so with brilliant economy. Here on "Four Flags," the superb rhythm section of bassist Finck, drummer La Barbera and pianist Ranier propel the group at breakneck speed to allow for artful yet economical solos. Before the solos begin, the group wails in synchronous unity during the song's initial statement. A soaring Jeremy Pelt then delivers an especially impressive, Hubbard-like, penetratingly lyrical trumpet solo. Vibist Joe Locke follows with a swinging foray that is both undulating and definitive in its attack. Bob Sheppard's bellowing tenor makes a tight and dramatic entrance with a deep and silky tone. Returning to its unanimity, the group concludes in a concise and punctuated manner. A short journey that speaks volumes.

Reviewer: Ralph A. Miriello

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