Miles Davis: Godchild




Miles Davis Nonet


Birth of the Cool (Capitol Jazz RVG Edition 30117)

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Miles Davis (trumpet), Kai Winding (trombone), Lee Konitz (alto sax), Gerry Mulligan (baritone sax), Max Roach (drums),

Addison “Junior” Collins (French horn), Bill Barber (tuba), Al Haig (piano), Joe Shulman (bass)


Composed by George Wallington. Arranged by Gerry Mulligan


Recorded: New York, January 21, 1949


Rating: 96/100 (learn more)

One of the most popular jazz compositions of its era, "Godchild" boasts a wonderful Gerry Mulligan arrangement with very clever touches. Taking a cue from Gil Evans (who was an important influence on Mulligan during this era), Gerry focused more on individual part writing versus block harmonic writing. This contrapuntal approach not only influenced such later writers as Bill Holman, it freed Mulligan himself from slavishly following a stated harmony. He also plays with time signatures; a 2/4 bar in the turnaround is a refreshing touch. In an arrangement that was opened up for solos, Davis, Mulligan and Winding are heard.

Reviewer: Jeff Sultanof

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