Mindi Abair: Bloom




Mindi Abair (alto sax, keyboards)


Life Less Ordinary (GRP B0006222-02)

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Mindi Abair (alto sax, keyboards),

Matthew Hager (guitar, drum programming, keyboards), Michael Landau (guitar solo), Ricky Peterson (organ), Stan Sargeant (bass), John “J.R.” Robinson (drums)


Composed by Mindi Abair & Matthew Hager


Recorded: Hollywood, 2006


Rating: 91/100 (learn more)

In previously reviewing Mindi Abair's "As Good As It Gets" (2002) and "Make a Wish" (2004), we lamely struggled with such categories as adult-alternative-crossover/nouveau-club-electronica/titanium-trendy/ trip-hop-techno-pop. Frankly, none of that does her justice. And it gives us a headache. So screw the labels. Let's just say this woman makes dynamite records. Sure, there're elements of club and electronica. And techno-pop isn't far off the mark. Plus, crossover goes without saying. But adult-alternative may be misleading, and trip-hop is simply wrong. Moreover, who knows what "titanium-trendy" even means? As far as we're concerned, reviewers who get hung up on labels are anagrammatically Anal. Right, Alan?

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz


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