Sylvain Luc: A Night in Tunisia


A Night in Tunisia


Trio Sud



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Sylvain Luc (guitar),

Jean-Marc Jafet (bass), André Ceccarelli (drums)


Composed by Dizzy Gillespie & Frank Paparelli


Recorded: Antibes, France, August 18-20, 1999


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

Sylvain Luc has been one of the new wonders of jazz guitar in France for the last 15 years, and his Trio Sud has him playing with two other great musicians and good friends. It takes that to follow his guitar on its inventive forays through rhythms and harmony, with a constant attention to melody. Here, he never strays far from the song's theme, yet plays with it in a way that brings new surprise every few bars. Incredibly long phrases, chords sequences whose rhythm varies endlessly, little countermelodies – this is imagination at its best, with an almost acoustic sound that lets the fantastic technique speak for itself without the help of any electric device.

Reviewer: Thierry Quénum

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