Chris Potter: Jazzpar Suite Part 6 Folk Tune


Jazzpar Suite Part 6 Folk Tune


Chris Potter (tenor sax)


This Will Be: The Jazzpar Prize (Storyville 793536)

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Chris Potter (tenor sax),

Kasper Tranberg (cornet), Kevin Hays (piano), Jacob Fisher (guitar), Scott Colley (bass), Billy Drummond (drums)


Composed by Chris Potter


Recorded: Denmark, March 9-12, 2000


Rating: 85/100 (learn more)

In 2000, Chris Potter became the youngest musician to ever receive Denmark's prestigious Jazzpar prize. This recording features a suite that was written specifically for the ceremony at which Potter was awarded the prize. "Folk Tune" is a contrapuntal groove piece that is perhaps influenced by the rhythmic cycles and melodies of Eastern European folk songs. It foreshadows two later recordings by Potter: its groove-based solo section is the basis for many of the tracks on Lift: Live at the Village Vanguard, and its extended form and classical music influence are elements that Potter explores on his 2007 Song for Anyone.

Reviewer: Jacob Teichroew


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