Chris Potter: Song for Anyone


Song for Anyone


Chris Potter (tenor sax)


Song for Anyone (SSC3074)

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Chris Potter (tenor sax),

Erica Von Kleist (flute), Greg Tardy (clarinet), Michael Rabinowitz (bassoon), Mark Feldman (violin), Lois Martin (viola), David Eggar (cello), Steve Cardenas (guitar), Scott Colley (acoustic bass), Adam Cruz (drums, percussion)


Composed by Chris Potter


Recorded: New York, c. 2007


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

A beautiful feature of Potter's compositions on this album is the variety of timbres he achieves by putting various instruments in the chamber ensemble in unison or octaves. "Song for Anyone," the title track, has an extended form that is the most successful at allowing all the colors of the ensemble to shine through. The arrangement is obviously inspired by classical music, and Potter's solo is too in some ways. It is at times pointillistic, and at other times he abandons lines altogether for flourishes and gestures that are reminiscent of Stravinsky's ballets.

Reviewer: Jacob Teichroew


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