Chris Potter: The Source


The Source


Chris Potter (soprano & tenor saxes, bass clarinet, Chinese wood flute)


Gratitude (Verve 731454943321)

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Chris Potter (soprano & tenor saxes, bass clarinet, Chinese wood flute),

Kevin Hays (keyboards), Scott Colley (bass), Brian Blade (drums)


Composed by Chris Potter


Recorded: New York, September 27-28, 2000


Rating: 89/100 (learn more)

Gratitude is an homage to the masters of jazz saxophone, and it emphasizes Potter's roots in the jazz tradition. It also marks the point at which Potter's style is fully developed. "The Source" is dedicated to the energy of John Coltrane's playing, which Potter comes close to matching. On this track he demonstrates his ability to slide in and out of the harmonies. Whereas on earlier recordings, his "out" playing can be shocking to the ears, in this case it has been smoothed over, and is surprising and exciting. This approach to harmony is a defining feature of Potter's improvisations.

Reviewer: Jacob Teichroew


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