Hans Glawischnig (with Chick Corea): Oceanography





Panorama (Sunnyside 1179)

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Hans Glawischnig (bass), Chick Corea (piano), Marcus Gilmore (drums).

Composed by Hans Glawischnig


Recorded: Union City, NY and Clinton, NY, November 2006


Rating: 88/100 (learn more)

Back at the birth of modern jazz, songs were named after academic disciplines. Jam session participants would move from "Anthropology" to "Ornithology," and you almost expected the front line to receive honorary doctorates at the end of the evening. Hans Glawischnig's "Oceanography" resurrects this intricate approach to jazz, and its spry melody would not have been out of place at Minton's or Monroe's. Of course, the presence of pianist Chick Corea on this track adds to the postdoctoral caliber of the proceedings, and the smart interaction between keyboard and bass on this track further enhances the collegial spirit. This is first-class trio music in an updated bop vein.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia


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