Mario Bauzá: Cubauza




Mario Bauzá Afro-Cuban Orchestra


944 Columbus (Messidor 15828)

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Mario Bauza (leader),

Michael Philip Mossman (trumpet), Bruce Eidem (trombone), Rolando Briceño (alto sax), Pablo Calogero (baritone sax), Bobby Sanabria (drums), José Mangual (bongo), Carlos “Patato” Valdes (conga)


Composed by Mario Bauzá


Recorded: New York, July 1993


Rating: 95/100 (learn more)

Recorded just a few months before his passing, this album became a posthumous homage to the great Mario Bauzá. Its title refers to Bauzá's longtime New York residence, where generations of the greatest in Latin jazz visited the Maestro. Bauzá's band is remarkable on this energized track. The tightly arranged soli voicings and dexterous execution of the saxophone section's melody are artfully juxtaposed against emphatic brass statements. Trombonist Eidem and baritone saxophonist Calogero offer especially memorable improvisations. The track also features an all-star rhythm section, including José Mangual, "Patato" Valdes, and Bobby Sanabria.

Reviewer: Mark Lomanno

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