Bix Beiderbecke & Frankie Trumbauer: Mississippi Mud


Mississippi Mud


Frank Trumbauer & His Orchestra (With Bix Beiderbecke)


Bix Beiderbecke, Volume 2: At the Jazz Band Ball (Columbia CK 46175)

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Frankie Trumbauer (C-melody saxophone, vocals), Bix Beiderbecke (cornet), Bill Rank (trombone), Jimmy Dorsey (clarinet, alto sax), Adrian Rollini (bass saxophone), Matty Malneck (violin), Eddie Lang (guitar), Bing Crosby (vocals),

Charlie Margulis (trumpet), Chester Hazlett (alto sax), Lennie Hayton (piano), Hal McDonald (drums)


Composed by Harry Barris & James Cavanaugh


Recorded: New York, January 20, 1928


Rating: 75/100 (learn more)

How ironic that someone named Whiteman popularized jazz among the general American populace, largely by sucking much of the African-American vitality from it. This oddly charming slice of hokum typifies both good and ill of the Whiteman aesthetic: Beiderbecke, Friedman and Trumbauer blow their tails off, yet still play second fiddles to a goofy, vo-de-o-do chorale with Bing Crosby in its midst. The swing is frequently killed off by some of arranger Tom Satterfield’s downright pompous horn passages. At least the strings stayed home. As good a document as any of Whiteman’s ‘acceptable’ take on jazz, circa 1928.

Reviewer: Todd S. Jenkins

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