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Van Davis


Have You Seen This Band? (Beakin' Records BR-003)

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Jake Ezra (guitar), Jon Price (bass), Patrick Carmichael (drums).

Composed by Jake Ezra Schwartz


Recorded: Ridgewood, NJ, Winter 2006


Rating: 90/100 (learn more)

The name "Van Davis" is a contraction of "Van Halen" and "Miles Davis," both great influences on this power trio. Other characteristics of the band's music may draw comparisons to ZZ Top or even the Flecktones. Van Davis goes at things full-bore from moment one. Occasionally the drill bit gets too hot and must be hoisted out of the ground to cool off. During this process, the band offers contemplative, textured music full of chorus and reverb.

The intro chordal riffs of "Deek" suggest the band has paid close attention to "Right Off" from Miles's Tribute to Jack Johnson. Drummer Carmichael, much like Billy Cobham, is the constant antagonist. Along the way, we hear thick power chords, funk grooves and ambient noise. Guitarist Ezra can jump from basic blues progressions to the most complicated and ear-splitting fusion. Like part of the band's namesake, he is also good at those Van Halen harmonic tricks. Carmichael and Price make for quite an able rhythm section. Price is also an expressive lead player. At its core, Van Davis is a fun fusion jam band. If they keep on drilling, they'll find their way to China.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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