Russell Gunn: Shiva




Russell Gunn (trumpet, organ bass, human beatbox, tambourine)


Ethnomusicology, Volume I (Atlantic 7567-83165-2)

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Russell Gunn (trumpet, organ bass, human beatbox, tambourine),

Andre Heyward (trombone), Bruce Williams (alto sax, cowbell), Greg Tardy (tenor sax, bass clarinet), James Hurt (piano, electric piano, organ), Rodney Jones (bass), Woody Williams (drums), Khalil Kwame Bell (percussion), DJ Apollo (turntables)


Composed by Russell Gunn


Recorded: New York, July 8-10, 1998


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

As the title indicates, there's an obvious Indian tinge to this tune, but nothing artificially exotic, nor nostalgic. The initial rhythm includes turntables, and launches us into present times. The thick interaction between acoustic and electronic instruments confirms this, even if the modal pattern of the tune may conjure up memories of Coltrane or Miles Davis. Russell Gunn was exploring new ways at the time, and Ethnomusicology, the name of this series of recordings, clearly shows that research was his main concern. Ten years after, one must admit that Gunn definitely opened some ears and cleared some paths, and that his music sounds as fresh today as it did yesterday.

Reviewer: Thierry Quénum


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