Louis Armstrong: Rockin' Chair


Rockin' Chair


Louis Armstrong (vocals, trumpet)


Jazz On A Summer's Day (original soundtrack) (Snapper/Charly 191)

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Louis Armstrong (vocals, trumpet), Jack Teagarden (vocals, trombone),

Bobby Hackett (cornet), Trummy Young (trombone), Peanuts Hucko (clarinet), Billy Kyle (piano), Mort Herbert (bass), Danny Barcelona (drums)


Composed by Hoagy Carmichael


Recorded: live at Newport Jazz Festival, RI, July 6, 1958


Rating: 98/100 (learn more)

The costliest part of Jazz on a Summer's Day (1960), Bert Stern's $115,000 documentary of the 1958 Newport Jazz Festival, was Louis Armstrong's lofty $25,000 fee. Stern rationalized thus expending 20% of his budget because Louis was (a) the biggest star on hand and (b) the most important artist in jazz history. It's hard to quarrel with Stern's rationale. But as with Ken Burns's epic documentary Jazz (2001), devoting so much of one's resources to an overarching colossus necessarily meant skimping in other areas. (There is another, equally telling parallel between Bert Stern and Ken Burns. Each was a non-jazz fan who relied on musical advice from a single source—for Stern, it was Columbia Records executive George Avakian, and for Burns, Wynton Marsalis. At the mercy of one sage apiece, the filmmakers virtually guaranteed errors of omission.)

Still, it would take a heart of granite to deny the timeless and universal appeal of "Rockin' Chair" as rocked and chaired (no doubt for the umpteenth time) by Louis Armstrong and Jack Teagarden. At $25,000, this was a bargain.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz

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