Jerry Goodman: Tears of Joy


Tears of Joy


Jerry Goodman (violin and guitar)


Ariel (Private Music 2013-2-P)

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Jerry Goodman (violin and guitar),

Kraig McReary (guitar), Fred Simon (keyboards), Jeffery Vanston (synthesizer), Bob Lizik (bass), Jim Hines (drums)


Composed by Jerry Goodman


Recorded: Evanston, IL, 1986


Rating: 88/100 (learn more)

After nearly a decade out of the jazz-rock spotlight, violinist Jerry Goodman made a welcome return with a series of albums for Private Music. Most of the music was third-gear fusion. Goodman relied more on space, texture and soaring lines than one would have anticipated from his past. Every once in a while you would worry that a tune was coming too close to what the Private Music label was best known for. And that would be that damned awful despicable genre called Smooth Jazz. (Pardon me while I gag.) Somehow Jerry would manage to not go over that cliff. A few times, I must say, he was hanging by his fingernails.

"Tears of Joy" is an ethereal ballad that morphs into a power anthem. Goodman plays pizzicato while guitarist McReary plays repeating arpeggios. Goodman then takes bow in hand and gently cuts through the morning fog with a penetrating beauty. Hines's backbeat kicks the song into full-steam ahead. Goodman and Vanston mimic lines as the tune fades for a reflective pause. Goodman's solo during this section is particularly productive. Hines's backbeat returns to amp things up to the end. While Goodman's playing is wondrous, he should compose more music.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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