Wolfgang Schalk: The Second Third Man


The Second Third Man


Wolfgang Schalk (guitar)


The Second Third Man (West and East Music CD-220049-2)

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Wolfgang Schalk (guitar), Michael Brecker (tenor sax),

Paul Urbanek (keyboards), Werner Feldgrill (bass), Herbert Reisinger (drums)


Composed by Wolfgang Schalk


Recorded: Vienna, Austria, 1996


Rating: 94/100 (learn more)

Writing reviews allows me to revisit music I have not listened to in a long time. In some cases, I forgot I owned it. Aside from the shock at how long a particular CD has been in my collection, such as this 12-year-old Wolfgang Schalk album, I get the opportunity to listen and rediscover with ears that are 12 years wiser. While the loss of hearing the past dozen years in the upper registers is something I need to talk to an audiologist and a doctor about, I still hear Wolfgang Schalk loud and clear.

"The Second Third Man" is indicative of the whole album. It is improvised music of originality and high performance. Schalk and Brecker are perfect foils as they tackle a complicated and relentless head arrangement. The momentum generated makes it sound as if the melody was spring-wound. The guitarist's solos are nothing less than fantastic, and what more can be said about Brecker? Feldgrill will need to change the transmission on his bass after this low-grinding performance. This is a high-caliber chops fest in the best tradition of the jazz-rock idiom. The fact I have not listened to it for so long is unforgivable, but understandable, if you could see the mess that is my office.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky

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