Blossom Dearie: Rhode Island Is Famous For You


Rhode Island Is Famous For You


Blossom Dearie (vocals)


Soubrette Sings Broadway Hit Songs (Verve 000268702)

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Blossom Dearie (vocals), Jimmy Rowles (piano),

others unidentified


Composed by Howard Dietz & Arthur Schwartz. Arranged by Russ Garcia


Recorded: Los Angeles, February 19, 1960


Rating: 93/100 (learn more)

When Jack Haley (Wizard of Oz's Tin Man) inventoried the best-known products of 21 states for Broadway's Inside U.S.A. (1948), time travelers from 30 years thence might've sworn "Rhode Island Is Famous for You" was a Dave Frishberg song. David, however, was but 15, and couldn't claim credit for this witty ditty by Shubert Alley veterans Dietz & Schwartz. Yet whoever wrote it, Blossom Dearie was born to sing it. No matter that Russ Garcia's needlessly cutesy xylophone/accordion/clarinet-laden arrangement is akin to topping an éclair with a chocolate fudge sundae. Thanks to this track, Rhode Island's fame will forever Blossom.

Reviewer: Alan Kurtz

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