Chick Corea & Gary Burton: Waltz for Debby


Waltz for Debby


Chick Corea (piano) and Gary Burton (vibes)


The New Crystal Silence (Stretch Records)

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Chick Corea (piano), Gary Burton (vibes).

Composed by Bill Evans


Recorded: live at Bjornsonhuset, Molde, Norway, July 2007


Rating: 100/100 (learn more)

If you have not yet heard The New Crystal Silence, or have not attended one of their recent duet concerts, you might suppose that after 35 years of playing together, Chick Corea and Gary Burton could not raise their level of performance any higher. You would be wrong. Burton: "The performing we have done over the past year has been our best." Corea: "The tours we've done over the past year are my favorites." From their playing of Corea's tunes with the Sydney (Australia) Symphony Orchestra on the first of their CDs, to their duet selections on the second CD, these live recordings mark a significant milestone in their careers.

Recorded at a small concert hall during the 2007 Molde Jazz Festival, "Waltz for Debby" is given an extraordinary, flawless interpretation. Burton's incisive, quick-tempoed reading of the theme, and his unrestrained yet sharply defined improvisation, gushing with limitless creativity, are awe inspiring. Corea's nuanced support, and his own melodic, dancing solo, balance out this virtuosic, harmonically sophisticated masterpiece. A must hear!

Reviewer: Scott Albin

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