Metro: Lolo Shuffle


Lolo Shuffle




METROLIVE At The A-Trane (Marsis Jazz)

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Mitchel Forman (keyboards), Chuck Loeb (guitar),

Jerry Brooks (bass), Wolfgang Haffner (drums)


Composed by Mitchel Forman


Recorded: live in Berlin, Germany, November 2000


Rating: 88/100 (learn more)

"Lolo Shuffle" is the album's first cut. Mitchel Forman's minor block chords and Haffner's unrelenting thrashing get this show on the road precisely on time. Strangely, though, this performance is presented out of order from the actual live shows. In concert it was the last song of the first set, as evidenced by the band's announcement that they were taking a break. That live positioning is important because it gives you a sense of the nature of the piece. It is an upbeat driving number virtually devoid of any stretching out or exploration. It gets right to the point of making your head nod up and down to the waitress, informing her you want another drink. Forman's compositions are always engaging, and it doesn't hurt when they are being played by such a stellar outfit as Metro. These guys know how to get off the stage in style.

Reviewer: Walter Kolosky


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