The Brubeck Brothers: Good Question


Good Question


The Brubeck Brothers Quartet


Classified (Koch 7744)

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Chris Brubeck (bass), Dan Brubeck (drums), Mike DeMicco (guitar), Chuck Lamb (piano).

Composed by Mike DeMicco


Recorded: Catskill, New York, no date give (CD released in 2008)


Rating: 92/100 (learn more)

You already recognize the last name, but I would much prefer to play this track for you on a blindfold test. The first thing you would notice is the stellar rhythm section -- clean, crisp swing with great interaction between the players, and a very smart use of space. Sometimes guitar and piano clash in a small combo, but not with DeMicco and Lamb, who show how these two instruments are supposed to work together. And the same can be said for the Brubeck brothers. Dan Brubeck's drumming is a revelation, and not just with his solo at the end of the track. Some serious fraternal camaraderie is going down here. This song deserves a double dose of radio airplay.

Reviewer: Ted Gioia


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